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The applet above is the cube applet by Fabio Ciucci. In can be downloaded below by following the link ''. Or, in this version, simply click on an image face and a popup will open to take you there.
In this applet I used six (6) different images to give the appearance that you see. This applet can be configured so that each face leads to a different url and a text scroll an also be added which will run across the applet face. If you look at the source of this page you'll see that I have opted not to use the scroll. You should also note some movement in the pics themselves. This is caused by making the images smaller than the applet size.
All of your pictures or images have to be the same size, but can be either jpg or gif or a mixture of both types. Don't forget to place the images, the three (3) class files needed to run the applet, 'CubeMenu.class', Lware.class', and 'anfy.class', and your html document all in the same folder on your computer (pc) or in the same directory on your server. If you decide to use the scroll just create a text 'txt' document with your message (in this case the name is 'cbmescr.txt'), change the parameter in 'this' code and place it in your folder on directory along with the rest of your items.

Check out and download Fabio Ciucci's applets here:

If you just want to try what you see on this page first, download the standard zip file (40kb) here:

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