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This Example Will Not Work On Other Browsers....Yet!

This is an example of some of the capabilities of Dynamic html.
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The primary focus of this page is to show you the use of layering and OnMouseOver functions. Remember that this type of page can only be viewed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4 at the moment!
The number of functions that can be used combining javascript, cascading stylesheets, and ordinary html is quite amazing. Maybe Netscape and Microsoft will quit trying to outdo each other one of these days and provide us with a true cross-browser set of codes! As it is now, some tags are compatable while others are not. The only way around this little oversight on the part of NS an IE is to create three (3) different pages ( one for NS4, one for IE4, and one for all other browsers ) and upload them to your site so that both level 4 browsers and ordinary browsers will see a variation of the same page.

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This Page Will Only Work With
Internet Explorer 4
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These sliding boxes can be made any width you wish. The height of the boxes on this page will vary according to the amount of text placed in them! Notice the yellow question marks on the left? Slide your cursor on and off of them for more information!

The real advantage of using dhtml in this manner is that the majority of your information ( if not all! ) can be placed on the same page! This means that when individuals visit your sight they will be able to access all of your information very quickly by sliding their cursor over a tab to read what's there instantly instead of waiting for the server to connect them to another part of your directory! That's the primary function of such a website setup. Of course there's always the fun of making stuff slide all over the place too! Could drive somebody nuts too I guess!
The actual purpose of this page is to show you some of the capabilities of dynamic hypertext markup language ( dhtml ). Since such a page can only be viewed by individuals using one of the level 4 browsers ( in the case of this page. Internet Explorer ). It does not yet appear to be an efficient method of web creation. Althought, like I stated elsewhere on this page, a site could be constructed so that 'all' browsers would be able to view a version of your site by creating three (3) different pages and using a 'goto' function which would send the person to the proper page for his or her browser.
The point being; that this is intended to give you a view of the future of web creation so you will have an idea of what can be done now and what will most certainly be done in the months to come! thanks for visiting!

This seems to be the future of web page creating! I don't know when dhtml will become a force to be dealt with, but I would assume that it won't take too long since you can only do so much with html! Hopefully a cross-browser language will soon be defined!

This system, if used properly, can cut down on your links to other pages in your directory on the server and save a lot of time waiting for pages to load! have fun!

This little box can be made any size and put anywhere. If you only have a little bit of text, make the box smaller! If you have lots of text, it will automatically alter the 'height' but change the 'height' parameter in this DIV so you know what's what! This 'box' is 100 pixels wide by 530 pixels high!


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