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Oops! You don't appear to have a Java-enabled browser! Since there is only Java content on this site there is no use in your continuing. Sorry!!!

The Title at the top of this page is a variation of the 'pouringtitle' Applet created by Demicron and can be found by following the link below titled 'demicron.' If you download the Applet, bookmark this page and come back and click your browser 'View' button, then click 'source' or 'page source' or 'document source' and view the simple changes I have made between the <APPLET CODE> - </APPLET> Tags to make it appear as it does! No code or documentation was altered. Only the parameters were changed, creating a totally different effect! BOOKMARK this page now!
One of the first thing I have to point out concerning this Applet is that it, unlike others, will 'not' run with the # symbol in front of the color codes ( within the applet ), so make sure that your color codes within the Applet look like this: "0000ff" and not like this "#0000ff."


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