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Hey! Thanks for stopping by to see me! I forgot what I was supposed to be writing about on this page for a bit there. Scared me! I've got my brain spinning again though, so scroll on down! Please be a sport and sign my 'guestbook' down there somewhere, if you happen to be hanging out in my spiderweb for a while anyway! Thanks a bunch!
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I will be using the word 'Indian' on this page quite a bit. It is certainly not my intent to defame or alienate any individual out there, so loosen up! After all, I'm an 'Indian' too! It says right on my status card that I'm a Registered Indian in Canada. I simply have to use the term 'Indian' to get my point across! Thanks for understanding!

For those of you who do not understand the cover title 'Canada's First Nations Forever;' It is a reference to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. We are often referred to as Native People, Aboriginal People, or the stereotypical 'Canadian Indian.' More often than not; the title of 'Indian' is used by the majority of non-Native persons when speaking of the Indigenous People of this land called Canada.

When Columbus landed in the Americas, the mixed up Dude thought he was in India so he called our ancestors 'Indians.' Seems strange how that name still stuck even after the non-Native world finally figured out where they were. It wasn't India by the way. It still isn't India! But that's all neither here nor there now is it? There real fact of the matter is that we're always going to be referred to as 'Indians' anyway even though we're not. Go figure!

In all honesty, it really doesn't matter to me one way or the other since I'm not particular about what I'm called anyway. The problem is that a great many Native People would rather be called First Nations People, Native People, or Aboriginal People rather that 'Indian.' Concerning those individuals, I am of the opinion that their wishes should be honorably respected by civilized people everywhere. I mean, you are obviously a member of a particular ethnic group; would you like being called something you're not? Ain't no Engishman gonna like being called Irish or the other way around! No defamation intended, I just needed an example! You get my drift concerning this issue at any rate, of that I'm certain, and that's the simple point I wished to make. Now that another informative little piece has been said, lets get on with it!

Hey! You want to know who I am. Right? Well! I'm gonna tell you anyway, so listen up! I'm Robert Bruce Lyons and I got some University degrees around here somewhere, so I must know what I'm talking about, Right? Don't bet on it! I live in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and I'm a 'Rebel without a Clue,' ranting on about everything and anything! If you came here looking for statistics about Indians or long drawn out dissertations about Indians, you ain't in the right place! All I have to offer you is my version of the truth, take it or leave it! So lean back and relax cause this is gonna be easy reading.

Remember back there somewhere when I told you that I was a Registered Indian in Canada. Well, that's not like registering to vote or registering for some hockey or baseball tournament! I mean, like, you don't have to vote or play hockey or baseball just because you're registered to, now do you? On the other hand, when you're a Registered Indian, you're registered for life! I mean, like, you can never be anything else other than a Registered Indian! Like, I can't be a Registered Aboriginal Person, or a Registered Indigenous Person, or a Registered Native Person, or a Registered First Nations Person. In Canada I am a Registered 'Indian' and that's the way it is! So why should Indians be called Indigenous People or Native People or Aboriginal People or First Nations People or whatever, if all they can ever be is 'Indians?' Hang in there. I'm gonna tell you as soon as my head quits spinning from all of those Registered's up there!

OK! Number one; There ain't no such thing as an 'Indian,'at least regarding the Indigenous People of Canada! The word is a legal fiction! That's like naming your dog 'fido' or your cat 'twinkles' ok? Remember that Columbus Dude? This still ain't India! In which case I don't even exist in the real world, but according to Canadian law I'm an 'Indian!' Why am I an 'Indian?' Because the Canadian Government says I am! Sound like we're going around in circles here?

Number two; Maybe I don't want to be called 'Indian' anymore! Because if you read all them old western books or watch them old western movies I'm always the 'bad guy.' Like, maybe I want to be the 'good guy' for a change! It's a bummer being stereotyped as a dirty savage all the time. Hey! Don't kid yourselves! You'd be surprised at how little things have changed! Nevertheless, back to my point we go! How do I 'not' be an 'Indian' even though I ain't real anyway? Well, since it's the Canadian Government who made me an 'Indian' and not an 'Angel' because that word was already taken, I guess I gotta change the law!

Number three; I'm going to Ottawa, the capital of Canada and I'm gonna change the law so I can be the 'good guy.' So, I say to them Government guys "I wanna change the law here Dudes." They say "waddaya mean?" I say "I don't wanna be an 'Indian' no more!" They go and look my name up in the books, find out I'm a Registered Indian and tell me that the law says I'm a Registered Indian and that I'm a ward of the Canadian Government! I say 'Huh?' So they explain! "Since I'm a Registered Indian, I'm a ward of the Federal Government of Canada and they have decided that I am a Registered Indian and made a law way back when, which states that very fact." So there! They further add that "Since I am a ward of the Federal Government of Canada it is their responsibility to look after me and help me out any way they can." So I say "Well good, help me 'not' be an 'Indian' anymore then." They say "We can't do that because the law says it isn't in your best interests." Well they ain't getting rid of me that easy, so I say "You got the power to change the law Dudes, go for it." They say "If we change the law so you ain't an 'Indian' anymore then we would not be responsible for your welfare anymore, and since we have your best interests at heart, you have to stay an 'Indian.' Sorry!" Well, I'm getting real irritated now and I say "There ain't no such thing as an 'Indian!'" They say "Look at your Status Card sir! Good day!"

Number four; So you see, Dudes and Dudesses, me and the rest of the Indigenous People in Canada are only 'Indians' on paper and it'll take a miracle to change that little oversight in order to allow us to be what we want to be! Even the 'what' is still under debate. So until the Government of Canada figures out what they can call us, or until we can figure out what we want to be called, please be kind, and next time you talk to an 'Indian' ask him or her what they would like to be referred to as! Maybe just Jim or Mary or any other first name will do! You think?

OK! I want to take a little informal poll here! I'm serious about a serious issue here so don't go sending me any foolishness ok? You're all smart people out there! Thanks a lot!

This is actually pretty simple. All I want to know is; "What should the Indigenous People of Canada be called?" (1) Aboriginal People, (2) Indigenous People, (3) Native People, (4) First Nations People, or (5) Something else Polite?

Just click on the 'guest book' thingy down there and give me your opinion! Feel free to add any other comments you wish too! I'll be glad to get them! I'm going to be starting an opinions page if I get enough of them, so please indicate whether or not you want me to add your opinion along with your name to 'that' page! If you say 'yes', fine! If you say 'no' fine too! I will most certainly honor your requests! If you feel more comfortable Emailing me, please feel free to do so! Thanks again!

I'm going to be adding a lot more to this page in the near future, so if you want to come back and check on things every once in a while, hit the 'bookmark' thingy up there! I guarantee you that there will eventually be a lot of serious issues presented on this page! Don't let my style of writing on this page fool you, I know what gives but you're still gonna hear it my way! Hey! Remember that I said I was a 'Rebel without a Clue' ok? I sorta think that this stuff is somewhat accurate but I ain't for real sure! I ain't read the 'Indian Act' lately! So if anybody out there has corrections for me, don't be shy! Send them to me at the Email address below! Thanks!

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