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This should make for a fairly interactive site, which will give the reader a considerable amount of control over the page itself. You can check out the following 4 Java Script Creators by clicking on their names if you wish. The Java Script for the background colors was created by Ernst Christensen, the Java Script for that neat little day of the week thing on the top of the page is by Tim W, and the Java Script for the random music is by Venom. The Java Script for that lottery thing on the 'Indigenous People of Canada' page is by Rhodus Corporation. Neat stuff boys and girls! All of this and more can be found at the home of Joe Burns Ph.D. Visit him at HtmlGoodies if you're interested in html or Java or if you just want to see what he looks like! The Dude even has classes that I can understand! Check it out anyway, you might be surprised at how much you can learn in a short while. Another informative little piece out of the way! Hey! Don't forget to click your browser 'back' button to come back and read what I wrote about The Indigenous People of Canada willya! Just click the banner below!

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