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Hi there! I'm Buck! The crazy looking lady over there is my ...eeeeek...wife!!!! Says her name is Kris! buck and kris! Hey! Hi from me too! I'm Kris!! Take a good look at this picture. Who looks crazy? ahhhahaa....Buck does!!!!

This is Littleman down here. Well, one of them is Littleman...Hmmmm, the other one looks like Kris..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

littleman! buck and kris!

" Ok, boys and girls. I really can't do a lot more with the pictures you sent. As far as clearing them up I mean. This should give you a little bit of an idea of what can be done though. This was made fast so dont go off your nut Kris, or Buck will boot you one! Ahahaahahah! I'd like to see that!!!! Buck would be a dead man walking. Oooops! That is Buck and Kris up there...right? LOL! No, not the pictures of the horses!!! But, hey!!! This is just a little example...anything you want can be done!! No problem!!!! If you can think it, I can DO it!!!! Well, I tried to make Kris's head spin but that could take an hour!! LOL! Mail is not hooked up! "

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