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The subheading at the top of this page is a variation of the CoalesceContinuous Applet which can be downloaded in zip by following the link below titled ''. If you download the Applet, bookmark this page and come back and click your browser 'View' button, then click 'source' or 'page source' or 'document source' and view the simple changes I have made between the <applet code> - </applet> Tags to make it appear as it does! No code or documentation was altered. Only the parameters were changed, creating a totally different effect!

This Applet, as is, can be used quite neatly for a subheading under a main heading on a title page. The textfont is *fixed* at TimesRoman and cannot be changed. The size of the font can be altered by changing the <param name=pointsize value=24>. I would not use a font that is too large as the edges will appear jagged. If you add or delete <param name=textx value=""> parameters, make sure that the <param name=TextCount value=x> is the same as the number of 'text' parameters that you have. If you have text1 to text 3 make sure the TextCount value is 3, if you have text1 to text 9, make sure the TextCount value is 9 etc. In this example you will notice that an extra parameter, <param name=Colors value=ff0000> has been added to make the text color red. This value can also be changed to any color you wish.

The applet CoalesceContinuous can be downloaded as a standard zip file (11 kb) containing the CoalesceContinuous.class file and a working html page with the applet code. Grab it here:

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