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    Oops! You don't appear to have a Java-enabled browser! Since there is only Java content on this site there is no use in your continuing. Sorry!!!

    The text at the top of this page is a variation of the WaterMessager Applet which can be found by following the link below titled 'Demicron." All of the items needed to use this applet can be downloaded below by using the link 'water4.zip'. The zip file contains the one (1) class file, watermessager.class, required to run this applet, along with a copy of this page and a readme.txt file. All that you need from the code on this page is the code between <!--begin applet code---> and <!----end applet code--->. Paste this into your own document and lose the rest...have fun.

    Make sure that 'all' files relating to the Applet are in the same 'directory' on your server, or in the same 'folder' on your computer as your 'html' file! This is the most common mistake made! If this cannot be done for some reason, see the documentation provided with the applet for the use of the 'codebase' tag! A word of caution; when visiting sites with a lot of java applets on the same page do not quick-click your mouse as this may freeze
    ( lock up ) your browser and you will have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to end the task and re-open your browser. This will not likely cause harm to your system, but it is very irritating!
    One of the requirements of using this Applet is that the parameters <PARAM NAME="demicron" VALUE="www.demicron.se"> and <PARAM NAME="reg" VALUE="A00046"> be left as IS! This is very self-explanatory and easy to adapt to your needs. See the documentation that comes in the 'zip' file called 'readme.txt for instructions. I used two of these Applets one above the other to create the effect seen above!

    Everything needed to use this applet can be downloaded in a standard zip file
    (5.89 kb) here:



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