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This is Fabio Ciucci's Bookflip Applet and can be downloaded by clicking on the applet above, or following the link below titled ''. This is a rather big download (1483 kb) but it is a program which contains 30 of Ciucci's applets, so its well worth it. Check it out!
Ok, some things to remember (Ciucci explains them well in his Instructions), (1) Remember, your images 'all' have to be the 'same' size, (2) make sure your 'applet' width is the same as your 'image' width; (3) make sure your applet 'height' is the height of your image 'plus' the number in the extrah parameter, i.e., if your image is 250 and the extrah number is 80, then your 'applet height' has to be 330. (4) You can use as many images as you want, but If you add images don't forget to add <param>'s for each one, i.e., the image, link, statusmsg, and flip <param>'s. (5) Make sure the 'anfy', 'Lware', and 'bookflip' class files along with your images and html document are all uploaded to your directory. Incidentally, I just placed this applet within a table to provide the border that you see. check the source of this page!
You can change the background of the applet to match your solid page background (not image backgrounds), by changing the numbers in the backr, g, b params..i.e., If your page background is white =ffffff, you would put 255,255,255 in the rgb params. See the 'Online Tools' link on the index page for a list of color codes and value numbers!

Ok, your best bet is to download Ciucci's program by following the link below. This applet is the one titled Bookflip, give them all a shot and have a blast. Here you go:

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