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The applet above is a variation of the Ripple Applet which can be found by following the link below to 'moderminds'. Check out their site. They have some cool stuff!

Ok, what I've done with this applet can be seen by viewing the source. You'll notice that I've created a three (3) cell table and put an inner table within the middle cell to provide the borders for the applet. By changing the number in the width parameter of the inner table you can get the borders looking reasonable. I added the bordercolor parameter to provide the bluish color, which will only appear on level 4 browsers (others will be gray). By changing the number after 'border=' you can alter the width of the border itself.

There are actually two (2) images in the above applet; the ripple effect is simply a .jpg image which is a section of the background, sized, in this case to 255x256, but any size can be used. The second image is the transparent textimage overlay (Another java Applets Page) which can be created in any program capable of creating transparency. One thing to be aware of; Remember to save your 'imagMask' parameter image as 'gif89a-interlaced'.

By changing the parameters withing the applet code you can create any number of different effects! Make sure to change your 'applet width and height' to match your 'image width and height.' The fairies are just for looks, swipe them if you want! Remember, save your images, your two (2) class files ('Ripple.class' & 'RippleApplet.class'), and your html document in the same folder on your computer (pc) or in the same directory on your server. Check out 'modernminds' below and give it a shot! Have some fun!

This applet can be downloaded in any format, click on 'java' 'freeware' here:


If you just want to try what you see on this page first, download the standard zip file here:

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