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The applet above is the Cfade Applet by Fabio Ciucci. This applet along with many other can be found by following the link below titled 'Anfiteatro Java Developer Page'. This applet requires three (3) class files to run. The 'AnFade.class', the 'anfy.class', and the 'Lware.class. When you follow the link below you will be able to download all that you need to create this applet along with many others. The applet package that Ciucci offers is an amazing collection!

In the applet above I used six (6) pictures as an example. The pictures all have to be the same size. If you look at the source for this page you'll see that I placed the applet within a table to provide the border, and added the parameter 'bordercolor' to give it color (level 4 browsers). Place your pictures, the three (3) class files, and your html document, all in the same folder on your computer (pc) or in the same directory on the internet, and try it out along with Ciucci's other applets!

Check out and download Fabio Ciucci's applets here:

Anfiteatro Java Developer Page

If you just want to try what you see on this page first, download the standard zip file here:

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