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Oops! You don't appear to have a Java-enabled browser! Since there is only Java content on this site there is no use in your continuing. Sorry!!!

The titles at the top of this page are variations of the 'Fade.class' Applet and can be found by following the link below titled 'JavaPowered.' If you download the Applet, bookmark this page and come back and click your browser 'View' button, then click 'source' or 'page source' or 'document source' and view the simple changes I have made between the <applet code> - </applet> Tags to make it appear as it does! No code or documentation was altered. Only the parameters were changed, creating a different effect!

I have used two fade.class applets at the top of this page to show the different uses. The top one uses two lines and the 'changefactor' value is set to six ( 6 ) to provide a simple blinking title. The second one has more lines, the 'changefactor' value is set to four ( 4 ) and the final line has the 'url' set to link to the main page of this site. You can add as many lines as you wish, just make sure you number them consecutively ( 1,2,3,4,5,6, ). Each line can be used as a link by filling in the 'url' value you wish for each.

Again, one of the first things I have to point out concerning this Applet is that, unlike others, it will 'not' run properly with the # symbol in front of the color codes ( within the applet ), so make sure that your color codes within the Applet look like this: "0000ff" and not like this "#0000ff," or the font color will default to ''white.' All of the parameters are self-explanatory. You can change the size, the text, the colors, the font, and the url's etc.

Make sure that 'all' files relating to the Applet are in the same 'directory' on your server, or in the same 'folder' on your computer as your 'html' file! This is the most common mistake made! If this cannot be done for some reason, see the documentation provided with the Applet for the use of the 'codebase' tag! A word of caution; when visiting sites with a lot of Java Applets on the same page do not quick-click your mouse as this may freeze ( lock up ) your browser and you will have to Control-Alt-Delete to end the task and re-open your browser. This will not likely cause harm to your system, but it is very irritating!

This applet among many others, can found and downloaded as a standard zip file at:


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