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Disclaimer          To The Applets

There has been much said about Java Applets concerning the possible harm that they can do to an individual's computer system. Personally I have found these fears to be, for the most part, unfounded and more rumor than actual fact. Admittedly, there are some persons out there who get their kicks out of placing computer viruses on the Internet, sometimes coded into Java Applets, but the chances of picking up a virus from Java Applets is no greater than anywhere else on the Internet as far as I'm concerned since the creator of the Applet would have to be the one who adds the virus. Nontheless, individuals still have a tendency to fear Java and shy away from Java sites. The Applets found in the pages of this site have been downloaded by me to my computer from highly reliable sources and have been on my system for some time without any harm being done to my personal computer!

If you still have reservations about entering a Java site a small, ( 1 MB ) and 'free' but highly effective anti-virus program called AnyWare Antivirus can be downloaded from the following site if you do not already have one. It is easy to set up and continuously runs in the background while your computer is on. It along with several others can be found at:


Antivirus programs can also be found here:


I have done extensive testing within the allowable configuring of the parameters of the Applets which can be found by following the links in this site and have had no problems of any kind with them. I have viewed the results on the Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Navigator 3.04, and Netscape Navigator 3.0 (non-java ) Browsers and have found everything to be working fine!

There are some Java Applets out there that may be malicious and cause damage! I have actually found a couple of them so be careful what you download! As I previously stated, the Applets found in this site were tested by me on my computer over and over and I have found them to be very dependable and free from any malicious code! Believe me when I say that if they were harmful, I certainly wouldn't be using them! These Applets are from very reliable sources and can be safely downloaded and configured to fit your needs as far as I am able to discern. If you still fear Java for some reason, I advise you to leave this site for your own peace of mind.

Having said all of this, and feeling like a bit like a hypocrite, I still have to include the following disclaimer to protect myself just in case someone decides to claim that the Applets in my site caused harm to their computer system in some manner or other.


I take no responsibility for any damage to your system which may be caused by the viewing of, or the use of, the Java Applets on this site! You view or use them at your own discretion! If you feel that this site poses a risk, please leave now!

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The following links lead to ten ( 10 ) Java Applets which I have downloaded and tested. They are highly configurable to fit your own needs. Check them out! They make great additions to any website! Included on each page is a link to the download site for each Applet! Each download site contains several other Applets which may be of interest to you! Check them out too! Enjoy yourselves!!

WaveBanner Applet ScrollingUpdate Applet FireApplet WaterMessager Applet

Coalesce Applet CuteButtons Applet CuteTabs Applet Banner Applet

PouringTitle Applet FadeText Applet

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In most cases you will need a program such as WinZip to "unzip" these files if you decide to download them! Among other sites it can be found at:


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