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It is quite obvious that all individuals who possess the capability to think in a rational manner are people who seek answers to questions ranging from 'what is the meaning of life?' to 'what does this button do?' Every question asked deserves and demands an answer. Although this is a truism, there still exists more questions than answers. I have spent my lifetime seeking answers to every imaginable question which my mind could generate and still, I profess to know nothing! And I probably don't! But that isn't important. The purpose of this site, if any at all, is to provide the ordinary reader with food for thought that can be related to their own experiences in life; not to educate them in complicated philosophical hypotheses.
This site is far from being finished but I hope to include several personal opinions about everything I know in the following weeks. The so-called thoughts written on the pages of this site attributed to myself are written in an impromptu fashion. In other words, very little thought actually goes into what I write. I just sit here and write what I'm thinking at the moment! If anyone eventually locates this website I will be extremely surprised. If someone accidentally comes across this page and has a question, please feel free to contact me. Just keep your questions simple and sensible. Hey, if you have some simple thoughts like those below, send them to me. If I like them I'll post them with your name. No deep philosophical outlooks on life, please. Been there, done that; and have a degree in philosophy. What I'm trying to do with this site is to show people that they probably know more about philosophy than they think. In essence, I want this site to provide the reader with serious food for thought guised in real life humorous occurrences and personal views.
Incidentally, the comments in this site are simply personal observations and are not intended to infringe upon the beliefs of any other individual or group.

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