Thought #5

I been thinking again! Hey! How do them scientists know that the rock that they found was from Mars? You remember that historic day in the summer of 1996 when all of a sudden there was a super news flash telling us that science has discovered life on Mars!
I mean, like, wow! They go and pick up a rock off the surface of the Earth that has some squiggly lines on it and tell the world that there's life on Mars because they say that that particular little pebble is from Mars! What's it got; A Martian stamp on it?
I mean, like, whoop-de-doo, there's only 500 zillion great big old rocks floating around out there in space that we don't even know about yet, but this peculiar little rock with the squiggly worm lines on it came from Mars and no where else? Gimme a break willya!
Personally I don't care if there was, is, or ever will be alien life on Mars. What's the big deal anyway? But that's not the point! The point is that a few million people are walking around discussing life on Mars as if it's a fact, since it was very subliminally presented as being a fact; when actually it's only an assumption of 'possible' fact!
Now they got that little rover thingy tearing all over a piddly little section of the surface of Mars sending back enough unreliable data open to any interpretation what-so-ever that maybe they'll manage to discover that there's life on Earth!
A curious lot, those scientists! Hey! Not all of them, just those ones looking for the beginning of the Universe! Sorta remind me of Philosophers! We all got about 80 answers to the same question! Pick your fact I guess! Sounds like some kinda game show!
Anyway, back to the point here! Everybody in the world states something as being factual or being not factual, whatever circumstance dictates, but I for one have no intention of taking as fact that there's life on Mars based upon the assumption that some piddly little pebble with squiggly lines on it, found upon the face of the Earth, proves that assumption to be fact!
Like, I had a friendly little argument a couple of days ago with a guy who insisted that it's a fact that the sun comes up every morning and goes down every night. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the sun wasn't coming or going anywhere; that the earth was simply rotating! I wasn't about to get punched in the mouth over something as silly as that. If it's all that important for him to believe that the sun comes up and goes down, fine! I ain't gonna worry about it! In the same vein, this gentleman, insists that the arrival of tomorrow is a fact too! Personally I think that this dude has been reading too much Alice in Wonderland. Or maybe he ain't been reading enough! As for myself, I assume that tomorrow will show up based upon the realization that every other time I assumed that it would show up; it did! But I ain't about to state with certainty, and maintain as fact, that it will show up and be called tomorrow until it actually does!
This is all really pretty silly stuff, but it goes to show that assumptions are mistakenly, or maybe not so mistakenly, presented as, and accepted as; fact! So, what do we believe here in these contemporary times of utter confusion? Someone makes an assumption about something, and someone else takes that assumption to be fact and bases his or her way of life upon it! But then again, ain't that the way it's always been?
Here's a point of fact for you to ponder! Most of the people who read this stuff I write think I'm nuts! Now, that may well be a real possiblity based upon 'what' I write about. Here's the catch! Most people don't consider me to be mentally deficient because of 'what' I write about; but rather 'how' I write about it! I mean, like, I use words like ain't, whoop-de-doo, like, etc! That irritates people more that the content does! They make the assumption that since I seemingly write like an idiot from their point of viewing things, that I must, in fact, be an idiot according to their definition! Maybe! Maybe not! I have read far too many long drawn out and boring rhetoric-ridden dissertations on everything imaginable and have found very little in the way of fact in them to be convinced that any of the writers has a mind that they can call their own at any rate!
I simply write what I think, idiot or not, and I ain't trying to convince anyone of anything! Believe what you wanta believe! That's what you should be doing anyway! Somewhere along the line remember that Chicken Little fella and look up every now and then to see if the sky really is falling or not! Ya gotta keep things in perspective! As for all the little gods out there who think that proper syntax makes the writer; give the world a break from your shining glory and quit assuming that you know it all!

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