Thought #4

Hey! I was, like, kinda thinking again! Where is everything anyway? I got up this morning and tripped over my dog. Well, my dog was obviously there! But that ain't what I mean. You see, 'for everything there is a time and a place.' In other words; all things must be in some place at some time. So; what's the point? Well, I'm nosy is the point, and I wanta know where I am! Cause how am I supposed to know what my purpose on this earth is if I don't even know where I am? I might ' think ' I know where I am, but I gotta be sure. Now, I exist in time and space! I gotta wonder how that can be since there is no such thing as time and space, other than 'that' time and space so defined as being conceptual interpretations there-of. For example; I can have an 'idea' of time and I can have an 'idea' of space although neither actually exist; other than in my mind. So, I guess I gotta think about that some more.
All that we perceive as being existing things, exist in a time and a space that do not exist, since time and space are merely concepts generated by the mind of man to accomodate the existing world as we know it. Oops! The mind of woman too! Hence, since all things which we perceive as existing, exist in a 'conceived time and space,' it is then also conceivable to think that all which is in existence, as perceived by the senses, exists only as ideas generated by the mind, analogous 'to' the concepts of time and space.
I mean, like really, even nothing must have a place to exist! To say that there is nothing there, is to admit that nothing ( like a vacuum, which is something ) is there. Is it possible for one to place something where nothing already exists? If I place something where nothing already is, then, in relation to time and space, and, since no two things can occupy the same space at the same time, where did nothing go?
If I remove something from where it exists, and place it where nothing exists, then nothing is now existing where something existed in the first place and something is now existing where nothing existed in the second place. Seems to me I still gotta find a place for that 'other' nothing though. Well. Where'd it go? I ain't got a clue!
Logically and reasonably, one would have to consider that there are only two things that exist; something and nothing. Now, since something cannot exist where nothing already exists and nothing cannot exist where something already exists, then it proves obvious that both something and nothing cannot exist. Weird eh?
But, the 'conceptual' creation of time and space has overcome this problem of existence by providing a 'space' for everything to exist and a 'time' for everything to exist. But, as previously stated, these are only 'ideas' of time and space!
The point being; if human beings created time and space, hence, time and space are only ideas; then where does that leave me or you or anything else? Maybe we're only ideas too. You think? Now; do you run around all day thinking about stuff like this? I doubt it. Geez! If everybody thought like this the whole world would be as crazy as I am! So just be you and be whatever and wherever you wanta be. Don't go letting any 'nuts' like me tell you where you are or what your purpose in life is! You can figure that out better than anyone else can! Besides! I've just shown you that its quite conceivable that I don't even know where or what I am! Oops! I just remembered; I gotta go find that other 'nothing' I lost up there somewhere and find a place to put it! Aww! Settle down now; you'll figure it out! It's only food for thought anyway!
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