Thought #2

Got this brother-in-law named Jake, a rather strangely unique fellow. Goes around collecting junk which he calls antiques or curios or something like that. Maybe he knows what the meaning of life is. I gotta ask him one of these days, cause the way I figure it, he's always searching for something old and beatup, so maybe he come across something we don't know about.
At any rate, the point being; we're all searching for answers anywhere we can find them! No kidding, if we're not like Jake, digging up old junk, we're wondering what lies beyond the farthest star. The scope of our search for answers is so big that we might just miss the meaning of life.
You see, nobody intentionally sets out to find the meaning of life except a few nuts who call themselves philosophers and we don't know what the heck we're looking for anyway. Probably wouldn't recognize it if we found it. At least Jake knows what he's looking for half of the time. Maybe that's the way to search for the meaning of life; just keep on looking through old junk and see what turns up.
Jake's got all these old radios he listens to all at once, and I think he's got them all set to a different channel too. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know why. He just does. But talk about having your ear to the ground. Could be he's listening for the meaning of life for all I know. At any rate, if there's anything we should know, he's gonna hear it first, thats for sure. The guy searches for anything, anywhere, and don't hurt himself doing it either.
On the other hand, us philosopher guys and gals got our noses stuck in books reading what other philosopher nuts had to say about the meaning of life way back when, and we don't end up with nothing but a massive headache for all our trouble.
The point being; If your gonna go looking for the meaning of life, you might as well be like Jake and make something productive out of your search. At least you'll end up with something thats worth a couple of bucks even if you don't find the meaning of life in the process, and your head probably won't hurt as much as mine does either!

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