Thought #8

Hi! I was thinking a little about problems and fears. I mean, like, we all got some kinda problem, and we’re all scared of something at some time or another. Really; unless you’re some kinda super-hero!
Anyway, You gotta wonder, I think; just what are problems and what is fear? Like, I got up this morning and I was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee and I noticed that my wife had put a different tablecloth on the table. Sounds innocent enough eh? Not for me it wasn’t!
Ok! I was looking at this tablecloth and I seen pictures of 'mickey mouse' and a whole bunch of letters on it! Well, being naturally snoopy and a little bit batty too; I gotta figure out this tablecloth, ok! So I’m eyeballing these letters which are scattered all over the place and, hey; they spell ‘mickey mouse’; or so I think! But I can’t find no ‘o’ on this tablecloth! Nuts! I can find ‘mickey m use’ but I’m missing the letter ‘o’! Well! This is obviously a massive problem and it’s gotta be solved; so I spent an hour searching every possible area where this ‘o’ might be hiding cause it’s gotta be there; right? Well there ain’t no ‘o’ on that tablecloth! I even looked on the bottom!
But during this problem solving venture, I did manage to whack my head on the table somehow and I got me a big headache outta the deal! Which, of course, is a ‘real’ problem! For me at any rate!
We do it all the time though I think; start off with some foolish little thing that we consider to be a problem and pick and poke at it long enough until we create ‘real’ problems from nothing! Especially if you're as half-witty as I am sometimes. Go figure eh?
As far as fear goes; I gotta wonder about that too! Like, this buddy of mine and me; well, we go fishing every once in awhile ok? Been doing this for years! I mean, like, we tear around Lake Superior like it’s a pond; terrorizing the crew members of those giant lake freighters by burning circles around them in our 14 foot aluminum starcraft with a 12 horse motor! Sometimes in 3 foot waves! Now, its obvious that we gotta be crazy; but we never did feel any real fear on the water; and obviously I suppose that we should have!
Anyway we bought this fishfinder thingy; you hook it on the side of the boat and it shows you where the fish are, supposedly; but it also has a depth finder on it which tells you how deep the water is! Now, you gotta remember; here’s two nuts that have been ripping around this giant lake like it was a puddle for years; getting ourselves into all kinds of situations; but having no ‘real’ fear of anything out on the water! Haaaa! Until we got this depth finder thingy!
Now, I find this real strange; I’m looking at this depth finder thing and it says 10 feet then 40 feet and so on, right? Not so bad; Yet! No fear! Then the further out we go the deeper the water gets and this thingy starts reading 200 feet, then 240 feet! Well geez, I’m starting to get scared here because the water is getting deeper! I mean, like, I’ve only been tearing around on this lake all my life and I know that the further away from shore you go; the deeper it gets! I ain’t that dumb! But there’s some strange fear that seems to take over when you got some computerized thingy telling you that the water is now 260 feet deep! I mean, like, if we leave the thing on shore; is that gonna make the water any shallower? Hmmm! I can sorta get drowned in 10 feet of water just the same as in 260 feet of water too! But I guess that I kinda figured that I was gonna get more drowned the deeper the water got! Nuts!
At any rate; the point being; is that we create ‘real’ problems from irrational situations a lot of the time when there’s absolutely no reason for it; and we get some kinda weird phobias or fears about things which we already shoulda been afraid of in the first place! Or, conversely, we fear things that we got no reason to fear! Hmmm! Just think; my whole life changed because of a tablecloth and a depth finder! You really gotta wonder sometimes! Think about it! I guarantee you that some silly little things like those I’ve mentioned above have had some effect upon you at some time or other! Well! maybe not at silly as mine; but nevertheless???

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