Thought #7

Hey! A friend of mine came over this morning and asked me if I believed in God! Seemed sorta strange to me cause he ain’t asked me that in the 25 years I’ve known him, but hey; who am I to question why? Anyway, I told him “Well Ya! I do believe in God!” And that was that! He never asked why, and spoke no more about it! Eerie! Anyway it got me thinking about some questions again! Why do I exist? How did the universe come to exist? Does all that exists have a beginning? Does God exist? Remember now, these are only my views and I ain’t shoving them on anybody! It’s up to you to think what you want to think. Ain’t none of my business whatever!
Anyway, those questions above are but a few of the numerous philosophical inquiries that have plagued mankind, both individually and as a collective entity throughout history. The need to know, or rather, the need to at least want to know, is all-consuming. It can be safely said that everyone at some time or another has asked questions such as those above, both of themselves, and of others! I have reflected upon these same questions over and over manifold times and I have read countless theories which attempt to answer them. There is, as of this moment, nothing thought, nor written which I am capable of grasping as being sufficient to satisfy my search for the cause of humankind’s existence to be found within the realm of the finite universe.
If ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ is true, there is no problem and no reason to search for the source of existence. For He, Himself would be the infinite cause of all finite things, including humankind!
Conversely; if it is considered that God does not exist, then; in order to prove that God does ‘not exist’ one must prove that the universe and all there-in exists with either a ‘finite beginning and an end,’ or is a ‘finite self-contained universe.’ Since, for God not to exist, all that ‘does’ exist must be ‘finite’ since it could not then be supposed that we live in a universe created from an infinite location, for there could then be no such thing. That is; if it can be known in any manner by the use of one's senses; then it is without doubt finite! The further one searches in space and time for the source of existence, the more one finds that can only be finite. As stated, if it can be found, it must unequivocally be sensed and therefore be perceived as something which is finite, since I don’t know anybody who can sense infinity!
When one does find the beginning, does one find the beginning of all finite things? And if so; does that beginning have to be that exact transition point between the infinite and the finite? Or is the ‘finite’ all that there is? In other words if we say that there is no God and therefore no infinity we are simply stating that what is; is all there is, and nothing more! That seems rather silly to me because its a paradox; for to say that everything always existed, and no matter what form we put the words in, we have to revert to that implication; is to state that we and every existing thing are ‘infinitely finite,’ and that is not a logical possibility even if you think about it while you're standing on your head!
Anyway, if it is logical to consider that time and space existed before something and nothing, then time and space are infinitely immeasurable; and if it is conceded that time and space are only ideas; is it not logically required to also consider that these same ideas come from the mind of someone like God, who is ‘not’ finite?
If the universe is indeed a closed universe, or a universe which has a beginning and an end; then humankind has simply not yet proved that it is closed, nor found the beginning of, nor the end of it. When that occurs; if that be a possibility, we will have found infinity, and therefore, God; the necessary infinite source of finite existence. For to state otherwise is to declare ourselves ‘infinitely finite’ and that’s not even a possibility which can be remotely considered!
Oops! I think that this thought has gone a little too deep into the philosopical waters! Geez! It's even confusing me, which really ain't all that hard to do at any rate. See what you can make out of it anyway! You never know; you might be the next Einstein! As for myself; I just type them out; nothing says I gotta figure them out! After all, good scientific method dictates that somebody has to prove me wrong, so I ain't even gonna try to prove me right!

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