Geocities PageBuilder Help

**Preferrably, try this on a test page first so nothing gets messed up on your actual site, then once you get it figured out, add all the applets you wish**.

Ok, first you need to upload your Image or Picture and the Lake.class file to your directory on Geocities. (Keep your images small..under 400 pixels wide, since PageBuilder limits you in page space a bit).

Remember or write down your image...Name...Width...Height.

Ok, log onto Geocities and *Launch PageBuilder*.

Click *File* (upper left), Click *Upload Files & Images*.

Click the *Browse* buttons and upload your image or picture and the Lake.class file.

Now, click *Insert* on the top tool bar, click *Forms & Scripts*, click *HTML Code*. A new window will open.

In the box titled *Description* simply type in what you wish, like applet one etc.

Now, block the code below (turn it blue by holding down your left mouse button and dragging the cursor over the code). Use the copy and paste commands, or hold down Ctrl and hit C to copy, hold down Ctrl and hit V to paste.

Paste the code into the box titled *Script* .

<applet code="Lake.class" id="Lake" width="300" height="400">
<param name="image" value="yourimagename.jpg">

Remembering your Image name, change *yourimagename.jpg* to *your* image name. i.e., like so..."bubbles.jpg". If you use a gif image instead of a jpg image just make sure the extension is right..i.e., bubbles.jpg...or...bubbles.gif.

Now change the width="300" to *your* image width. Change the height="400" to twice your image height less 20 points. E.G., say your image is 200 wide by 300 high...width would be 200..height would be 300x2=600 less 20 =580.

Click OK.

Now, click Save and Preview your page. If you see a bit of gray at the bottom of the applet, just change your code and make the applet height a couple of points shorter until the gray is *just* gone. If it says nullpointerexception with Netscape's browsers, just make the height a couple of points higher. Dont forget to re-save your work.

You can use the same code above for any applet in your Geocities directory. Just make sure to upload your next image and change the name, width, and height the same way as you did for this one. You do *not* have to upload the Lake.class to that *same* directory again.

Thats it, thats all..Any problems let me know at:  email me