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Frame One is the page you are reading now! It is the only one that is internally linked to this site! All other 'tabs' are external links. This applet is a variation of the cutetabs Applet created by Paul Lutus! It can be found by following the link below titled 'cute tabs.' Since this is a 'frames' page, in order to view the 'source' you first have to put focus on the proper frame by clicking anywhere in the black strip above the frame buttons with the 'left' mouse button for Netscape Navigator 3.04 and then just click 'View," then 'frame source.' With Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator just click anywhere on the black strip to put focus on the proper frame with the 'right' mouse button, and click 'view source' or 'view frame source' to view the simple changes I have made between the <APPLET CODE> - </APPLET> Tags to make it appear as it does! Notice that the last </APPLET> tag is after the alert to those without java-enabled browsers. No code or documentation was altered. Only the parameters were changed, creating a totally different effect! BOOKMARK this page now!

This Applet, as well as the 'cutebuttons' applet would make great internal links for any site incorporating frames! Each tab above could direct your visitors to another page in your website! This applet is highly configurable, the width and height can be changed, the number of tabs can be altered, and the colors, the fonts, the backgrounds, etc. can all be changed to suit your own personal needs! Each "b" param name is actually made up of five parts, the first part is where you put your button 'name,' the second is the 'address' you want to link to, the third part is for the button 'background' color, the fourth part is for the button 'text' color and the last part is for the text that scrolls along the status bar! A couple of words here, make sure that the # symbol is used before the color hex codes
( within the applet ), and place your individual color codes between the ||| marks! Like this for example: <param name="b3" value="Frame Three||#a52a2a|#00ff00|Arachnoid! The home of cutetabs, cutebuttons, and Arachnophilia ">.

If you use the <param name="tabcolor" value="#xxxxxx"> and <param name="fontcolor" value="#xxxxxx"> tags to set 'all' of the tabs the same, make sure that the ||| marks are left intact in each individual <param name "b" line like so: <param name="b4" value="Frame Four|http://linkedaddress||| ABC news and information, USA and the world">, or the applet will not work! The only other parameters I added were the 'fontface,' the 'fontsize,' and the shadowoffset!' Please be sure to read the 'instructions' that come with the download package!

Make sure that 'all' files relating to the Applet are in the same 'directory' on your server, or in the same 'folder' on your computer as your 'HTML' file! This is the most common mistake made! If this cannot be done for some reason, see the documentation provided with the Applet for the use of the 'CODEBASE' tag! A word of caution; when visiting sites with a lot of Java Applets on the SAME page do not quick-click your mouse as this may freeze ( lock up ) your browser and you will have to Control-Alt-Delete to end the task and re-open your browser. This will not likely cause harm to your system, but it is very irritating!
The applet Cute Tabs, along with a copy of the documentation, is available for download as a standard zip file at:

cute tabs

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