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Wow! Is it ever bright in here! At least I can't see that scary person anymore! Can you? Hmmm! Nope! Good! Let's get some reading done!


The two eyeballs and the red text that you see above can be placed on any page and viewed by any browser. But, the page that brought you here ( the one where the eyes and text slide in ) makes use of the layering commands used by Netscape's Level 4 Browsers and a META=refresh tag! Pages made in the manner of the one previous to this one can only be viewed by individuals looking at your page using Netscape's Level 4 browsers (ie. Communicator ) It cannot be viewed by lower level browsers such as Netscape 3, 3.04, or any of the Internet Explorer browsers, since they do not have the capability to read the layer commands!
A comparable page to the one which brought you here can be made to run on Internet Explorer 4, but then again, it would only be able to be viewed by individuals using that level 4 browser!
These pages for Communicator, along with the ones for Internet Explorer found on the opening page of this site are here just to provide you with a glimpse of the future of web creation. Since you are viewing this page with a level 4 browser ( i.e. Communicator ) please remember that the majority of individuals who surf the Internet do not run the higher level 4 Browsers and will not be able to even get to this page because the one you came from will not allow them to. The only way around this little oversight on Netscape and Microsoft's part is to create two ( 2 ) sites and install a JavaScript on an opening page which will send the viewer to the proper page for their browser!
To recap! Anything similar to what is on this page can be installed on your site and be viewed by individuals using any browser! Remember though, that the page that brought you here will only work on Netscape's Level 4 browsers ( ie. Communicator )! Maybe Netscape and Microsoft will get their act together and finally agree on something that is compatable to all browsers, but until they do we are limited in our cross-browser capabilities! Hope you enjoyed this little example!