Donna Lyons
370 Ray Blvd
Thunder Bay Ontario,
1 (807) 345-1558

April 2,2004

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Donna Lyons. I was excited to read about this opening as I have the qualifications you are seeking.
I have several years of experience as a cook in the restaurant sector, and have maintained my cooking abilities as a wife and mother. Additionally, my experience as a resident councellor in a group environment enables me to be selective and attentive regarding the possible special nutritional needs required by certain individuals.

Here are some of my skills:
* Able to communicate well with individuals and groups.
* Proficient at preparing daily meals, and meals for gatherings.
* Able to shop efficiently for foodstuffs and other necessities.
* Able to maintain a well organized kitchen environment.

In addition to my cooking skills, I have excellent communication skills. I always maintain a mature, gracious and professional manner when communicating with people, even when difficulties arise.
My broad experience and range of skills in both the food preparation and resident councellor fields make me a superior candidate for this position.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to arrange time for an interview.



Donna Lyons