Lake Applet Help

The Lake Applet is the most widely used applet found on the internet today. Take any photograph or image, wrap them in some code, upload the photo or image along with your html page and the 'Lake.class file', and you have a great addition to any website!
This site will attempt to explain as simply as possible how to make your own lake applets, from the very simple to the very complex. Most lake applets on the internet are of the straight forward simple variety which we will deal with first: Follow this link to see a lake applet and then come back to see how its done!
Lake Applet

Ok, you've had a look at a lake applet, now here's how you do that. For this type of applet we need only three (3) things; a 'photo' or 'image', the 'Lake.class file', and some code in one of your html documents. Download the 'Lake.class' file below, the waterfall image, and the 'applet code'. If you have something to 'unzip' with, just downnload the '' file. You will only need to download the Lake.class file 'once' no matter how many lake applets you have! Just make sure to copy the 'Lake.class' file into any folder where you intend to run a lake applet. Make sure that all images, html code for the applet, and the 'Lake.class' file are all in the same directory on your server or in the same folder on your computer (pc) for the time being. We will deal with another thing called the 'codebase' attribute later on in one of the more complicated examples found by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Download the 'Lake.class', the 'waterfall.image', and the 'applet code' below into the same folder on your computer (pc), or just download the '' file if you have the means to unzip it. Just simply replace the image in your folder with your own, rename the 'image' name in the example html code code to match the name of your image, change the applet 'width' to the width of 'your' image, and change the 'height' to be 'twice' the height of 'your' image, less approximately 20 points. The height can be played with to get the best look that you want. For example, if 'your' image is 300 x220, make 'your' applet 'width' 300, and the 'height' 420.
The reason for reducing the 'height' by 20 or so points is so that the gray bar at the bottom of the applet will not appear. Play with the height to get it as close as possible.
You will notice in the html code provided that the applet is placed within a 'table' to provide the 'borders'. Change the 'TABLE WIDTH="60%" to a higher or lower percentage to match your image. For example, if your image is wider that the one provided make your table % larger, if smaller, make your table % smaller. Change the BORDER= to a larger or smaller number depending on how wide you want 'your' borders. Play with it until it appears the way that you want it to! Download the items below seperately, or just the '' file and have some fun! Bookmark this page and once you have mastered the 'lake applet' come back and follow the links for more complicated lake applets!! If, for some reason you have problems, find me on icq at:


or email me at:


If you don't already have it, download the 'Lake.class' file here


or here


download the image here


copy and paste the applet code here, name it   applet1.html   and save it to the same folder as the Lake.class and waterfall.image.

applet code

or download the above items all at once in the small zip file (30k) here: